Seating Space Management

Global Occupancy And Allocation At Your Fingertip

Seating Space Manager

Seating Space Manager is a lightweight version of the full-brown IntelliOffice CAFM system.  It is designed to be a quick-n-easy tool for facilities managers and remote site administrators to manage global seating assignment.  It includes some of the most-frequently-used functions such as seating space management, assignment, move, block planning, and multi-layer occupancy reporting.

  • Manage multiple types of seating - Seating space, reserved space, non-seating space, hoteling, and hot-desking.
  • Intuitive UI for fast seating assignments and maintenance (Add/Move/Update).
  • Automated employee data synchronization with back-end systems (Oracle/SAP/Workday/Active Directory) for hands-free data maintenance.
  • Track global space utilization with real-time occupancy report.
  • Roll-up report for at-a-glance view and modeling of department, BU, or SVP allocation.

Seating Assignment

Simple and intuitive interface for seating assignment management.  HQ facilities team or remote office managers can manage the seating portfolio without much training.  Updates are instantly reflected in the system, on the People Finder mobile app, and on any external system connected through built-in API.

Occupancy Report

Real-time global occupancy reports are always at your fingertip.  Report occupancy by seating type, space code, owner, department, and department roll-up that you define.  Color-coded heat map allows Facilities team and executives to make informed decisions on seating arrangements and allocation.

Move Planning

Move people with ease by assigning seating visually on maps or importing from Excel/CSV files.  Split large move into smaller move groups to better workflow.  Seating info is instantly updated upon move commit.  Roll-back move at will if there was a mistake.

Block Planning

Create multiple "what-if" block planning scenarios and visually evaluate their impacts.  Free more time by delegating seating blocks to department managers.  One-click “plan commit” – transfer plan seating into actual seat assignment.

Data Automation

The system can be automated to import seating and personnel data from various enterprise HR systems such as Oracle, SAP, Workday, Active Directory, and other data source using the built-in API.

Department & Roll-up

Extract department data from People Finder.  Each department can be assigned with an unique color code for report visualization.  Facilities team can create unlimited "roll-up" for enterprise-level reporting.

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