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Indoor Finders

Indoor Finders System (IFS) provides office indoor wayfinding, meeting room scheduling, people locator, seating management, space planning, move planning, block planning, and workspace reservation (hoteling/hot-desking) with iOS/Android mobile app, web portal, room display panel and kiosk tablet app in one comprehensive integrated platform.
  • Workspace Reservation

    An invaluable tool for return office and flexible workspace strategy.  Users can easily check and reserve available desk from anywhere.

  • People Finder

    No need to ask around anymore!  People Finder shows people contact and where they sit on the map.

  • Indoor Mapping & Wayfinding

    Map your workplace and enable users to easily locate and navigate to indoor venues on floor maps.

  • Real-time Indoor Positioning

    Real-time "bluedot" on Indoor Finders mobile app helps users orient themselves and navigate their way.

  • Conference Room Finder

    Search, locate, and book any conference room.  Intuitive mobile UI make finding available rooms a breeze.

  • Room Display Panel

    Display daily room schedule with beautifully-designed themes.  Also show the availability for rooms around the area.

  • Seating Space Manager

    Comprehensive seating space management with multi-level occupancy statistics, personnel move, and seating planning.

  • Occupancy & Roll-up Reporting

    Real-time global statistic on occupancy, space by owner, space by department, and space by VP or BU roll-up.

  • Move Planning

    Create multiple "what-if" move scenarios and visually evaluate their impacts.  Execute or roll-back moves.

  • Seating Planning

    Create seating plans to visualize department space allocation.  Delegate seating assignment for distributed administration.

  • Asset & Venue Finder

    Locate assets and other critical venues on map. Attach instructions and other useful info for additional benefits.

  • Amenity Finder

    Locate general amenities such as restrooms, fire extinguishers, AED, med-kits, and emergency exits on map.

About Us

Indoor Finders is a software company based out of Las Vegas.  We develop productivity and smart office solutions for enterprises and vertical markets.  Our solutions are used by some of the world's most recognized companies and brands.  Our software can be SaaS or hosted on-premise with varying degrees of customization.  Typical implementation can be brought up in just matter of hours.  Our primary technology focuses are web and mobile apps with advanced back-end systems.

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