The Apps

Mobile App

Our popular flagship mobile app.  Locate venues on maps and perform many core user functions.  Real-time indoor positioning provides user with enhanced navigation.  Available for iOS and Android.

Web Portal

Main admin and user web portal.  System administration tasks are performed here at this portal.  More user functions are available here with the larger screen size.

Room Display App

For displaying daily room schedule.  Run on iPad/Android tablet mounted outside of the conference room.  Multiple built-in themes and unlimited customization.  Show current floor map and other available rooms in the area.

Room Board

Display current availability for selected rooms.  Typically loaded on large displays such as a TV.   It shows whether the rooms are available, to-be-available, in-used, or going to be in-used.


The kiosk app is typically loaded onto a wall-mounted or standing tablet.  User can find location of conference rooms, people, hoteling desks, printers, and any other venues enabled by the system admin.

Desk Availability Board

A specialized version of the board app, the Desk Availability Board shows not only the hoteling/hot-desking desk location, but also the current desk availability.

About Us

Indoor Finders is a software company based out of Las Vegas.  We develop productivity and smart office solutions for enterprises and vertical markets.  Our solutions are used by some of the world's most recognized companies and brands.  Our software can be SaaS or hosted on-premise with varying degrees of customization.  Typical implementation can be brought up in just matter of hours.  Our primary technology focuses are web and mobile apps with advanced back-end systems.

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