COVID-19 Workplace Re-Entry

Ready-to-deploy Office Re-Opening Module with Capacity Limit, Social Distancing, Health Screening, & Contact Tracing

Indoor Finders

The Next Level Of Workplace Productivity

Conference Room Finder

Locate conference room on map, view its schedule and reserve it directly from mobile phone.

Conference Room Display

Instantly Beautify Your Workplace and Prevent No-Shows.

Social Distancing
Contact Tracing

Solution for COVID-19 Office Re-Opening: Workplace Re-entry with Capacity Control, Social Distancing, Health Screening, and Contact Tracing.

Desk Booking:
Hoteling &

Reserve flexible seating (hoteling/hot-desking) from mobile app and web portal.  Check desk availability and the reservation instantly.

People Finder:
The Corporate
Mobile Directory

Corporate phone book on steroids! Find employee contact information, organization hierarchy, and seating location visually on the map.

Indoor Mapping:
Indoor Positioning
& Navigation

Enable users to easily locate indoor venues on visual floor maps. Option to eanble Real-time Indoor Positioning and Navigation.

Mobile Conference
Room Booking

Search, locate, and book any conference room. You can now simply pick the room, see it on the map, and book it directly from the Indoor Finders mobile app.  Filter rooms based on preferred meeting time, room type, size, and amenities.

Conference Room
Display Panel

Beautifully-designed room display panel instantly enhances your office styling.  Check-in enforcement and early meeting-ending capabilities maximize the room utilization and prevent no-shows.  Unlimited theming.

Space & Seating

Manage various types of spaces (seating, reserved, hot-desking, hoteling, etc.) with ease.  Get real-time global occupancy statistics.  Options to use the quick-n-easy seating web portal and/or the full-blown IntelliOffice CAFM system.

Move Planning
Scenarios Planning

Create multiple "what-if" move/block planning scenarios and visually evaluate their impacts.  Free more time by delegating seating blocks to department managers.  Import from move personnel files (xls/csv) for fast data entry.

Feedbacks & Testimonials

All of our visitors and internal customers absolutely love Indoor Finders, I constantly receive compliments on the system.  The conference room displays are as beautiful as they are functional;  the system lets us theme and brand all of the displays, and people use the at-display booking and schedule features all day, every day.  The directory and maps are a great assistance to visitors and travelers.  SAML support and full Office 365 integration makes administration secure and simple.  And Indoor Finders has provided great support and has always been very accessible.
Raun Nohavitza

Vice President, Information Technology


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Indoor Finders Inc. is a Nevada software company based out of Las Vegas.  We develop productivity and smart office solutions for enterprises and vertical markets.  Our solutions are used by some of the world's most recognized companies and brands.  Our software can be SaaS or hosted on-premise with varying degrees of customization.  Typical implementation can be brought up in just matter of hours.  Our primary technology focuses are web and mobile apps with advanced back-end systems.

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