Conference Room Display

Instantly Beautify Your Workplace and Prevent No-Shows


  • Beautiful display panel upscaling the office.
  • Display real-time daily room schedule.
  • Book directly at panel.  Free time suggestions enable users to reserve the room within seconds.
  • Eliminate “no-show” by optionally enforcing user check-in.
  • “End meeting early” enables user to release the room when the meeting is ended early.
  • “Extend meeting time” allow user to add more time to current meeting.
  • Display real-time availability of other rooms in the area.
  • Display area map and room locations.
  • Logging for room utilization analytics.
  • Unique design allows for unlimited themes. Theme can customize and apply companywide or per room basis.
  • Multilingual support and allow users to switch to different language display.
  • Themes and settings applied in real-time.
  • Static, animated, or video background supported.
  • Support LED enclosure that can changes LED light color based on current room availability.
  • Multilingual support and allow users to switch to different language display instantly.
  • Allow users to submit requests ticket directly from Display Panel.
  • Zero client configuration. All settings are on server-side.

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