Conference Room Finder

Find, Locate, and Book Conference Rooms Directly From Mobile Phone

Conference Room Finder
  • Ever late to a meeting because the conference room is hard to locate in a large building?
  • Ever wander around trying to find a free conference room to have an ad-hoc meeting?
  • Ever got into an empty conference room for a meeting, only to get kicked out moments later because someone else already booked the room?
We have.  That's why we created the Conference Room Finder app for this long-standing company time-wasting problem.  It was for ourselves initially,  but corporate citizens in many companies also shared the same frustration.  And the app became popular!   That's how it started.

Mobile App Features

  • View conference rooms schedules and book rooms directly from mobile app.
  • Search free room nearby, Invite attendees and check their availabilities.
  • Find available rooms based on capacity, room types, and available amenities.
  • Locate conference rooms visually on building floor maps.
  • Connects directly to Office 365, Microsoft Exchange server, and Google Calendar (No sync client, Outlook plugin or middleware).

Web Portal Features

  • At-a-glance view of the availability of all conference rooms in any location level.
  • Quick room booking by clicking right on the availability slots.
  • Advanced “Meeting Builder” enables meeting organizer to find the time where all or most attendees are free, select desired locations, and the system will find available matching rooms.

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Indoor Finders is a software company based out of Las Vegas.  We develop productivity and smart office solutions for enterprises and vertical markets.  Our solutions are used by some of the world's most recognized companies and brands.  Our software can be SaaS or hosted on-premise with varying degrees of customization.  Typical implementation can be brought up in just matter of hours.  Our primary technology focuses are web and mobile apps with advanced back-end systems.

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