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IntelliMalls is a global database for malls around the world.  It is a distributed mall management platform enabling mall operators and store managers to maintain mall information such as mall map, mall amenities, store location, store information, and sales/coupon/event listings.

Contact us for admin access to your mall or stores.

Mall Maps

Mall visitors access mall information through the "Mall Maps" mobile app.   App is available for iOS and Android.

With the Mall Maps mobile app:
  • No more hard-to-figure-out store directory!
  • No more far away mall directory stands!
  • No more walking in circle trying to find the store you are looking for!
  • No more walking endlessly trying to find a restroom or other amenities!
  • No more losing friends and shopping buddies!
Key features:
  • Easy-to-use mall map. Select the store you are looking for and the store you are nearby; the map will show you how close you are to what you are looking for.
  • Displays amenity locations on the map (restrooms, elevators, ATMs, etc.)
  • Stores directory – Easily find the stores you are looking for.

About Us

IntelliGroups LLC is a San Francisco-based software company.  Since 2003, we develop productivity and smart office solutions for enterprises and vertical markets.  Our solutions are used by some of the world's most recognized companies and brands.  Our software can be SaaS or hosted on-premise with varying degrees of customization.  Typical implementation can be brought up in just matter of hours.  Our primary technology focuses are web and mobile apps with advanced back-end systems.

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